Chemical Reactions-Observing Chemical Change
Table Of Contents
1. Explaining Chemical Changes and ReactionsT
2. Types of Chemical Reactions
3. Xtranormal video
4. Examples of Chemical Change and Reaction Video

Explaining Chemical Change And Reactions
Chemical changes and reactions involve the formation or breaking down of molecules (Encyclopedia 1991). - Ex: When something is burned like coal, the carbon within the coal is linked up with the oxygen molecules to form CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide).All chemical changes involve energy changes such as heat (Encyclopedia 1991).When chemical reactions happen, there are 2 sets of substances; Products and reactants. Reactants are the two substances that you have before they come into contact with each other. The product is what you get when they come together. No matter what, there will always be a product (Encyclopedia 1998).All of this can be represented by chemical equations. Chemical equations are symbolic statements of these products and reactions coming together (Encyclopedia 1998).

-Types Of Reactions
There are 5 types of chemical reactions.
-Synthesis- 2 substances combine to form 1 new substance. Ex: A+B=AB
-Decomposition- 1 substance breaks down to form 2 new substances. Ex: AB=A+B
-Single Replacement- an element and compound react in such a way that an element replaces another. Ex: A+BC=AC+B
-Oxidation Reduction- 1 or more elements in a reaction changes its oxidation state during the reaction. Ex: A3=A6
-Double Replacement- the compounds act in such a way that they exchange partners with each other

In this next video you will see, you will see examples of chemical changes in real life. Note that fire is very dangerous... Do not use without adult supervision or without kennedy stapleton right there with a fire extinguisher in hand!
The caveman video relates because fire chemicaly changes things from wood, to animal, to even you by the emense amount of heat! So like i said earlier, DONT TRY ANY OF THIS AT HOME!

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