What Is Energy?

BY Tyler & Zack

Table of Contents
1.Energy and What It Does
2.Measurement of Energy
3.Types of Energy
4.Specific Types of Energy

Energy and What It Does
Every time something moves or something happens, it requires energy. You may not know it everything that changes require energy. Even if a person tries to move a building and nothing happens the person used energy because he tried to push something. Energy is the ability to do work or cause change. Work is when another object or organism transfers energy to another object. (Explorer) Some things that you do isn’t work although it requires energy because it doesn’t transfer energy to another. Talking isn’t work because you’re not using energy to physically affect the person. An example of work is if you were to blow wind into another object because the object can feel the wind and its force.
Obama's Take On Energy

Measurement of Energy
Energy is not measured in Newton’s like force because you can use energy but not apply it to another object, like I said before. Energy is measured in Joules (J). Power is how you would measure work.
Power=Energy Transferred (Explorer)
Types of Energy
There are 2 basic types of energy: Kinetic and Potential Energy
Kinetic energy depends on the objects mass and velocity. Also an objects kinetic energy increases when its velocity increases.
Kinetic Energy=Mass x Volume2
(Velocity has a greater effect on the kinetic energy because it’s squared.)
Kinetic energy is what an object’s typically amount of energy is measured in. Let’s say you roll a bowling ball and a tennis ball with the same of amount of energy the bowling ball will go faster because it has more mass, but if you roll them and roll the tennis ball faster it will go father because its velocity has a great effect on the tennis ball than the bowling ball’s mass and velocity. (Explorer)
Potential Energy has to do with the position of the object because it depends on what will or could happen to the object. An example of this process is in a T-ball game. When the ball is on the tee and no one is about to swing it has a low amount of potential energy because all that could happen is if the ball fell. The ball has great potential when someone is about to swing because the ball could fly when it’s hit.

The Perfect Example Of Kinetic Energy

Specific Types of Energy
There are a lot of scenarios where energy can be created, and when energy is created it can be a different type of energy also the way energy can be created can specify what kind of energy it is. One type of energy is gravitational potential energy. Gravitational potential energy is an objects potential energy due to its height (Jones). Also another specific type of energy is elastic potential energy(Snedden). Objects energy could elastic potential energy if you would stretch or change the shape giving the object more energy. An example would be if my friend Zack were to take a rubber band and stretch it giving it the energy and velocity to hit me.

The Elastic Potential Energy Comic

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