The Nature of Force

Table of contents
1. Unbalanced Forces
2. Xtranormal
3. Balanced Forces
4. Newtons (SI units)
5. Force
6. Net Force
7. Toondoo
8. Citations

Unbalanced Forces
 Unbalanced forces when the net force is acting on an object, but the force is greater on one side than it is on the other (Jones, 38). Unbalanced forces can start moving an object, stop moving it and change its diretion (Jones, 38). Unbalanced forces on an object cause a change in the net force and changes an object's motion (Jones, 38). For example, two people are pushing on a wood box in eachothers direction. If the first person pushes at a force of 10 newtons and the second person pushes at a rate of 9 newtons. This is an unbalanced force because the first person is pushing at a greater force than the other so the object will go in his diretion. So unbalanced forces change an object's motion and direction.

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Balanced Forces

 Balanced Forces are when two forces are pushing on an object at the same amount of newtons on an object (Jones, 38). Balanced Forces do not change an objects motion or direction because it is putting equal amount of force which does not move the object (Jones, 38). If two people are arm wrestling, one person s trying to exert more force on one than the other. The point is to exert more force than the other so they winn. At times though, they put the same force on eachother so they do not move eachother. That is an example of balanced forces because they are putting the same force on eachother, so it does not change their mothin or direction. So balanced forces are when two forces acting upon eachother cannot change their motion no matter how big their force is, if it is the same force they will not move (Jones, 38). external image edu_newton_balforce.gif


 A newton is the SI unit for force. Just like how mass has kilograms as an SI unit (Wisby, 253). Also, force and weight share the same SI unit, Newtons. The reason why the SI unit for force is newton is because it is named after the great scientists Sir Issac Newton (Wisby, 253). Sir Issac Newton studied a whole bunch of subjects. He studied Science, Math, he was a physicist, and an alchemist. So the Newton got its name from the scientist Sir Issca Newton. The newton has a couple jobs including which gives mass one kilogram and it gives acceleration one meter per second. Also, newtons are equivalent to other units of weight such as one kilogram weighs 9.807 newton and one pound is equal to the amount of 4.45 newtons (Wisby, 253).

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In terms of science, force is simply just a push or a pull (Bordford,124) . An object with force both have size and direction, that is if they do have force. Force is actually more than a push or a pull though, force can change the acceleration of an object (Bordford,124). If a car is traveling at a speed of 80 miles an hour. Wind could be blowing at the car at a 100 newtons and could slow the car down. Force is being applied here by the wind blowing at the car at a certain amount of newtons which therefore, slows the car down. A matter of fact, if you do see a change in an objects motion, you can be sure that force is being applied to the object in motion because the object has been reduced to a lower rate of sppeed or travel. So force is a push or pull that can change an objects speed or direction (Bordford,124).

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Net Force

 Net force is simply the combination of all forces added or subtracted together (Borgford, 125). Usually, more than one force is involved in

calaculating the net force. One way to add the amount of forces that are being applied are to add both forces that are being applied in moving an

object (Borgford, 125). For example, if two people are moving a couch across the room. For the couch to be moved across the room, it will have

take a toltal of 60 newtons. One person exerts a force of 25 newtons. The other person exerts a force of 40 newtons. Both of those numbers added

together are a toltal of 65 newtons. Both people are able to move the couch acroos the room. One example of net force is adding to forcces that are

being applied. The other example of net force is when two linemen are tring to block each other on a football team. The first lineman exerts a force

of 10 newtons while the other exerts a force of 9 newtons. I you subtract those two forces, the first line would have a net force of 1 newton so he

would push him back. The net force is the adding or subtracting of all forces (Borgford, 125).

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